Nataša Ivanović, PhD

19. 9. 2014, Ljubljana

Decline – Metamorphosis – Rebirth, International Conference for PhD Students

18. – 20. 9. 2014, Ljubljana

Dense and interweaved short study will be an authentic presentation of the forgotten landscape painter Lovro Janša (1749–1812) not only as a simple monographic individual depiction of an artist, yet also as a part of its cultural-historical milieu. Janša’s life and his opus will serve merely as the basis of the demonstration of the discourse of the reception between the spectator, the art work and the artist in Vienna and its surroundings. The main emphasis will remain on the relevancy of the art work as an individual object which is evaluated through the historical analysis, led not by an artist as a genius but his art work as a proof of the painter’s, commissioner’s, collector’s and spectator’s view around 1800.!abstracts/cl4m