The Imaginary Istanbul and the Realistic View of Vienna as Presented by Landscape Painter Lorenz Janscha

Nataša Ivanović, PhD

3. 9. 2014, Istanbul

Images IV, Images of the Other: Istanbul, Vienna, Venice

2. – 4. 9. 2014, Istanbul, Vienna, Venice

This paper will be a presentation of spectator’s horizon of expectations in the terms of the social model of the reception of graphic, drawing or painting before the discovery of photography in the late 18 th century in Habsburg monarchy. Both cities, as Vienna like Istanbul, were represented by very important landscape painter and professor on Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Lorenz Janscha (1749–1812), but artist perception of those cities on account of commissioner was different. In Janscha’s way presentation of Istanbul and other European cities out of the Habsburg Empire were always depicted as imaginary places, while their picture were commonly used for peep-box to show Vienna’s citizens rare, distant, unknown places. On the other side Vienna was always exposed in realistic manner as a veduta (Ansichten der Residenzstadt Wien) and a panorama, realized in year 1804.