Tina Potočnik, PhD

17. 5. 2013, Sarajevo, Bosnia

Cultures of Economy in Southeastern Europe, 4th Workshop of the DAAD network „Media and Memory“

15. – 18. 5. 2013, Sarajevo, Bosnia

In 2012 the design competition for the new National and University Library (NUK II) in the center of Ljubljana, Slovenia, came to a close. Its aim was, as in the case of the competition in the 1980ies (the winning project was never executed), to provide an architectural solution for the building of crucial national and cultural importance. The focus was set on the relation between the formal aspect of architecture, specifics of the location and culture and, on the other hand, historical and economic circumstances that influenced both competition entries for the NUK II – the first one in the time of the transition processes towards the global capitalism and the latter in the time of increasing economic and financial crisis in the European Union.